Session 1: In Pursuit of Evil

Everyone hanging out in the town square
Villagers staring at billboard
Bree tries to steal from Tormund
Tormund catches her, puts her on shoulder
They read billboard: “A great evil has awoken. We need defenders immediately… come to temple of Zenak.”
Bree, Samathy, Deacon, Tormund, Sigrid, Marvin, Gaius make their way toward temple.
Enter the Temple
Ankit the Priest, “This is who I figured would come. We need to take in private.”
priest used to be an adventurer
final quest: lock away an ancient demon. Reason to believe that former party member is now trying to summon said demon.
The demon are called Ek
Former party member is an extremely powerful sorceress, likely responsible for strange goings-on as of late
Two boons: Pendant of Zenak and Sword of Superheroism
Old Party Members:
Lamila the Sorceress
Jerash, Half-orc Barbarian
Unaan, Halfling Scout
Ek imprisoned somewhere in the abyss
“Don’t Believe anything Lamila Says”
The party meets at Marvin’s Donkeycart
Marv nominates Deacon as leader
Pendant to Deacon, Sword to Marvin
Deacon gets his armor and shield
Off we go!

Out at night, sleeping in Shifts
Tormund – Marvin – Bree/Sigrid – Samathy
Attacked by Undead wolves during Samathy’s shift!
Samathy flurry’s one to death
Gaius acids another while Marvin flanks
Badger attacks the prone deacon
Bree chucks a dart into the fire
Tormund and Marvin move to engage badger
Marvin wails on it with sword
Badger downs Tormund, bleeding out
Marvin wails on it some more
Deacon stands up, narrowly dodges
Samathy finishes the job, with FIST

Sleep through the night
Next day keep walking and come to a strangely circular 40ft clearing where the lair was supposed to be
Magical aura in the center of clearing
Bree walks into the clearing and saves: it’s an illusion. There’s actually a trap door
Bree deploys 50ft of silk rope with Tormund’s assistance, calibrated with Samathy’s darkvision
Bree, Marvin, and Tormund go down the hole 30ft
Tormund spies 7 doglike creatures and a skeleton
Shit’s about to do down

Session 0: Prologue and Intros

Quarter orc monk
Mother human, father half orc
father left before born
some orcish features

Marvin “Marv” Thresher
John the Bartender, good relationship
Taciturn Bachelor Farmer in Tunnis
late 30s
Jedediah the Mule

Gaius Malum
Human wizard, conjuration domain
Sickly kid, late start to being a wizard
the great pox
apprentice to Seamus the Alchemist
sallowish, but not super noticeably
Steve Buscemi

“Sweet Chisel”
Dwarf barbarian, red hair

Human Cleric, 45 years old
Used to live in Halock, small village not unlike this one
Was the local healer
strong interest in magic, Order of St. Thomas
Looks like Clint Eastwood from Pale Rider, but shorter and pudgier

Barbarian cleric
village healing but martial vo
Worships Kord, god of athletes, competition, etc.
Something really bad happened to his village
Been living with Marvin

halfling rogue


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