Session 3: Jaws in the Dark

Session 3

Bree, Samathy, Tormund continuing to investigate the water.
Marvin, Deacon, Sigrid, and Gaius hanging out and reading.
Bree, Samath, Tormund go through air duct thing and are plunged into darkness.
Searching for traps
Discover large, sturdy, old wooden box
Tormund dons a helmet and feels “different”
When he gets underwater, realizes the helmet lets him breathe underwater
Tormund excited!
BST swims over to see if Marvin shows up; he doesn’t, so they go the other way.
HELLA DUDES (10 dudes)
Vicious toothy fish things
Samathy sees them first
One fish-thing lashes onto each of B, S, and T
Tormund face claps a dumb fish, it bites itself (bleeding real bad)
BST start swimming back with fish-things in tow
Fish-things in pursuit
7 fish things up in BST’s business
Epic struggle to climb out of water
Samathy fails on first effort
Tormund tries to drag himself, Bree, and two fish things, and succeeds!
Fish bites Samathy and sets him bleeding out in the water
Tormund could try to stabilize Samathy, but instead Punches the Fish
Bree keeping Samathy above water so he doesn’t drown, but messes up and drops him, bangs head on wall
Fish put the hurt on Tormund and Bree, Tormund going ham and trying to keep it together
Marvin rolls up in knickers and studded leather, fails hard and drops his sword
Marvin gets sword back, dodging many attacks, then two fish bite his legs
Tormund goes ham and murders some fish with the spear
Marvin cleaves the fish on his thighs
Kill Count: Marvin 2, Tormund 3, one fish ran away
Debate over how to deal with unconscious Samathy
Gaius has just been reading his book this whole time
Marvin leaves the hole with Tormund’s assistance, gets bedrolls for the rest of the party, then goes back to his cart to sleep

Middle of the night
Marvin and Jed surrounded by wolves
Wolves biting Jed, Jed tries to run
Marvin puts up a fight and hits a wolf very hard, but it brings him down
Wolves catch up to Jed and bring him down, then kill him with their bites
The party hears the chaos and is scrambling to make it to Marvin
Wolves trying to get into the cart to finish off Marvin
Marvin down to -9 health and Tormund makes it out of the hole, turns the wolves
Marvin bleeds out
Big NOOOOOOO from Tormund as he cries and tries to heal Marvin
Rest of party gets up


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